About Crooner’s Kitchen

About Crooner’s Kitchen

“Crooner’s Kitchen” is a weekly television program hosted by creator and entertainer John Eric Booth. Inspired by his love of singing the timeless songs of the Great American Songbook and music of the 1960’s, as well as an appreciation of all the great singers associated with the genre, Booth brings energy, comedy, inspiration and pure joy into a lively 45-minutes… shining on a passion and talent for cooking inherited from his mother.

The program is fueled by inexpensive, yet tasty dessert and entree recipes using readily available ingredients along with storytelling, cooking and life tips shared by Booth himself as well as appearing in lower thirds onscreen throughout the show.

“Good food CAN be enjoyed by everyone! Even on a lower budget. I have assembled some incredible recipes and we are continuing to acquire more of them. Many of my dishes were taught to me by my mother Patricia, who is an absolutely amazing cook herself. Growing up, money was super tight, but Mom always made the best of it for us at the dinner table. Was always creative yet traditional. My Mom and Dad, two brothers and I ate well.”

“I’ve always been a problem solver and love making a difference. Along with my entertaining style, bringing people comfort, ease of being onstage and sheer love of this terrific music… as well as loving to cook, I wanted to roll all of this into ONE. And… “Crooner’s Kitchen” was born. Great music and great food, and I’m happy to say you’ll learn some things along the way in the kitchen and in life.”

The show’s opening theme, “Super Big Band Theme” was contributed by his musical mentor and friend, bandleader Pat Longo. Longo heads his own band in New Jersey after a lifetime of working in Hollywood, and was a member of The Harry James Band in the 1970’s.

John Eric Booth will also feature selected, related music perfect for cook time, dinnertime and entertaining, in both the show’s music bed as well as a designated visual segment during the program.