Crooner Cares Outreach Program

Crooner Cares Outreach Program

“Crooner Cares” is a concern I have in place in which at various times and opportunities, will involve assisting a variety of causes and instances which are close to my heart. This could involve people in need… groceries, basic needs, funding assist for missionary and well-being efforts and more.

For example, I have a fine East Indian friend named Ravi right smack in India… who works tirelessly to aid others via a variety of duties… repairing bore (water) wells to help ensure accessible, clean water in the small and considerably primal villages. He also assists in making some central solar lighting available for their central gathering place, and with spreading the gospel to these people who aren’t able to enjoy the comforts many of us have grown accustomed to.

Often, Ravi’s own family… his 2 sons and wife, wind up going without a few needs temporarily. I have enjoyed helping him raise funds in the past and the accomplishment of helping him make things happen is nothing short of quite gratifying. Truly a blessing.

Also on the “Crooner’s Kitchen” I will enjoy delivering a series of hopefully inspiring messages sometime within the program. I just love making a difference whenever I possibly can. A few words of encouragement or inspiration is sometimes all someone needs to get them rolling in a new and better direction. Mentoring kids is also something I find necessary and very important.

The opportunities are endless, especially when so many worthy folks are really in need. I am hopeful this facet of the program and the website will continue to blossom and we can really help some folks. Stay tuned!